A lot of people out there hate NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus. You can add Joe Haden's new wife Sarah to that list.

Over the weekend, Rosenhaus showed up to Joe and Sarah's wedding with his fiancée Lisa Thomson on his arm. And Thomson stole the show. We haven't come across a single shot of Sarah in her wedding dress yet. But we have seen this shot of Rosenhaus and Thomson in a bright red dress on more than one occasion in the last 24 hours. So we have to think that Sarah can't possibly be happy about having the spotlight taken away from her on her big day.

Can you blame us for looking, though? Peep the thumbs gallery to see some more shots of Thomson, who is a real estate agent in Miami. Almost makes you want to run out and become an NFL agent, doesn't it? Sure, everyone will hate you because of it. But when you're showing up at weddings with a girl like Thomson on your arm, who the $^%& cares?!

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[via Busted Coverage]