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Reigning Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel is catching a ton of heat from the press right now. Last Saturday morning, he was sent home early from the Manning Passing Academy in Louisiana after he missed a meeting. And while he says that it was because he simply overslept, others have speculated over whether Manziel's active social life—and, more specifically, drinking—played a role in him getting expelled from the camp. He's enjoyed himself during the offseason and has been spotted hanging out everywhere. So he's become the source of a lot of criticism from the media.

During SEC Media Day yesterday, Manziel had to answer to his critics. And to his credit, he handled himself remarkably well. Even though he's only 20, he remained poised during the numerous interviews that he did and came across as a kid who is just trying to find his way in the world while simultaneously running the quarterback position for Texas A&M. And that poise did not go unnoticed.

As we already told you, Bun B gave Johnny Football props for the way he handed himself at media day early on yesterday. And later in the day, Drake did, too. Drake, who met Manziel earlier this year, sent out this tweet late yesterday:

How cool is that? Drake knows a thing or two about dealing with criticism. So it's a big deal for him to come out and tell Manziel that he's doing a good job. Hopefully, Manziel won't let it go to his head and, instead, will continue to deal with the media the same way he did yesterday. If he does, he should have no problem returning to top form once the college football season starts.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]