Craigslist: it's a great place to buy used things that cannot possibly be broken after a cursory inspection. It's also a place where a great many get scammed, ripped off, and herpes. If one made an old timey map of the internet, over Craigslist it would certainly say "here be monsters." It is from this baleful corner that yet one more hilarous tale of woe springs:

An 18-year-old in California found a 2009 Honda Civic that she fancied and went to purchase the vehicle from Jose Madrigal and Kayla Pouncy for $10,000. They gave her a title, and she drove off and took her new ride home. When she woke up the next morning that car was gone, and upon closer inspection, the title was fake. Needless to say, she called the police.

The police offered the buy the car from the scammers, and, after meeting in a park arrest Pouncy while Madrigal attempted to flee in a different car...that broke down a block later. "Karma's a bitch" said someone who really doesn't understand Buddhism.

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[via LA Times