There a plenty of legitimate complaint's about the Citi Bike program. It's elitist, some stations are overcrowded or barren, and it's setting up tourists to get railed by a taxi cab while trying to navigate a traffic system far more than they can anticipate—seriously, remember this post when it happens. But no program is perfect and, like everything else in New York (or anywhere in the country), at least it's better than what they're doing in Detroit

Dan Gilbert's Rock Ventures/Quicken Loans network announced it's setting up a bike share in the Motor City. The downside: it's only for the network's 9,200 employees. And even worse, there are only 48 bikes. That's one bike for every 192 employees. The workers have a better chance of getting a piece of cake on a coworker's birthday—when suddenly everyone is friends with that mouthbreather from accounting—than they do finding a bike. Chalk up another loss for the city of Detroit. 

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[via Curbing Cars