Alabama freshman Dee Liner has a lot to learn in college. A lot. Because over the weekend, he decided to post this photo of him and two of his friends holding a big stack of money on Instagram and captioned it, "Me and my n****s we Ballin!!!…#StruggleOverWit!"

And obviously, it wasn't a very good decision.

Now, for all we know, Liner earned that money working a summer job. But in this day and age, where everything that college athletes do is scrutinized, he should have known better than to put this picture up and make himself a target for those who are now accusing him of accepting illegal benefits from 'Bama. Fortunately, he was smart enough to delete the photo almost immediately. But next time, he should think twice before he posts a photo of himself holding a single dollar on Instagram. Because it will come back to bite him.

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[via Sports Illustrated]