The mood you're in when you're driving affects everything. It's not intentional, but however you're feeling will most likely determine what kind of driver you are at that moment. If you're mad, you get much more aggressive with your driving. If you're sad, you're probably going to be spacey and not pay attention as well as you normally would. If you're happy and confident, you'll probably do everything by the law (or just drive really fast). And although there are a thousand different factors that determine your mood, there is no denying that the music you're listening to is a major determinent. 

The guitar riffs, the striking piano keys, the hitting bass, the lyrics, they're all working their way through your head, putting you in a certain state of mind. Today, we're here to once again talk about the songs that you should never listen to in your car. Yes, the dangerous songs. The ones that put you into a fit of rage, send you swerving, fill your eyes with tears, and the ones that having you punching the gas harder than you punched your brother in 2nd grade. See if any of these songs are on your playlist with 25 More Extremely Dangerous Songs To Drive To

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