Remember Daniel "Boobie" Gibson? Of course you do. Even though you probably haven't been checking for him over the course of the last few seasons (contrary to popular belief, he does still play in the NBA!), he was one of the "weapons" that LeBron James had at his disposal during his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He's also married to Keyshia Cole.

Well, it seems Gibson got himself into a bit of trouble at the Essence Festival earlier this month. Police aren't revealing exactly what it is that he allegedly did, but they just hit him with second-degree battery charges in New Orleans earlier today after he voluntarily surrendered to the New Orleans Police Department. Gibson declined to comment as to why he turned himself in. But as WDSU pointed out a short time ago, second-degree battery occurs when someone "intentionally inflicts bodily injury" on someone else. So it's safe to say Gibson was probably involved in some sort of fight or physical altercation during the Essence Festival.

Stay tuned for more details on the case. We're sure we'll hear more about the incident involving Gibson sometime in the near future.

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[via WDSU]