Note: We didn't say favorite pasttime, we said favorite summer pastime. When the fall comes along, we all know that the NFL reigns supreme, and in the late spring and early summer, the NBA and NHL playoffs will always be more appealing to watch than the first month or two of MLB's 162-game season. But when that muggy July weather descends upon us, and everyone is looking for the nearest place to cool down, we'll always opt for some shaded bleacher seats at our closest ballpark. If you haven't been to a ballgame before, change that now.

Baseball is perfect because it doesn't demand that you stand up and scream for four quarters, or that you keep your attention focused for the entire game lest you miss a highlight-worthy play; it just asks that you grab some friends, a couple beers, and relax as the action slowly unfolds before you. When temperatures are climbing up to 100 degrees, what more could you ask for?