Let's just focus on the power hitter currently making headlines right now: Chris Davis. While the Orioles slugger has always been touted for having the potential to be a solid home run hitter, his numbers this year have been off the charts. Davis' career-high for homers in a season is 33a mark he set last yearand he's already matched that output this season before the All-Star Break. ESPN's Rick Reilly is letting those steroid allegations creep into an otherwise phenomenal year for Davis.

The same thing happened to Jose Bautista when he went through his own power surge after he hit 28 years old. Even though Bautista has admitted to taking 16 tests over the last two seasons, people still accuse him of cheating one way or another. The game has already been tarnished by steroids, why do we need to continuously bring the conversation back to the forefront when the players are doing their part to disprove any and all accusations?