The fail: Paulie Malignaggi and Adrien Broner beef over a "side piece."
Date: 6/22/2013

June 22 was not a good night for Paulie Malignaggi. First, he lost his WBA Welterweight Championship to Adrien Broner, who had been talking a lot of trash before, during and after the fight. He also was the loser in the war of words, as Broner told ringside interviewer Jim Gray "I'm good...I left with his belt and his girl." While Malignaggi tried to save face by telling Broner "you don't get laid," there was a fatal flaw in his argument: not only does Broner get laid, but it happens to be with Malignaggi's ex-girlfriend, whom Broner was not shy about discussing in the pre-fight buildup.