There's a new world record for th most expensive purchase of a car, and it was for F1 legend Juan Manuel Fangio's Mercedes-Benz W196 "Silver Arrow" race car. How much was spent on this particular piece of racing history?  £19,601,500, which, at the time of writing, exchanges for $29,601,500. That's enough to buy 27 SLS AMG Black Series and have some money left over. 

While Schumacher may have passed Fangio's record of five F1 world championships, he tempered that achievement with these words "Fangio is on a level much higher than I see myself. What he did stands alone and what we have achieved is also unique. I have such respect for what he achieved. You can't take a personality like Fangio and compare him with what has happened today. There is not even the slightest comparison." Not only that, but Fangio also still holds the record for best win percentage of any F1 driver.

But still, $29.6 mil is a ton of money.