"Similar to Jeter only bigger and better." 

A 1993 amateur scouting report for Alex Rodriguez—which was unearthed by Busted Coverage earlier today—includes a bunch of different thoughts on A-Rod and his game. From the fact that he "tends to jump at the ball" to the fact that he "generates a special feeling when watching him play," it's clear that baseball scouts were very, very high on him when he was in high school. But the comment that will likely piss you off if you're a big Derek Jeter fan is the comment listed above—"similar to Jeter bigger and better."

Since Rodriguez and Jeter played the same position in high school, college, and—at one time—the minor and major leagues, it's not hard to see why scouts would compare the two. But now that they're both Yankees and now that they both have much different public perceptions than they did back in 1993, it's not hard to see why the comparison (especially the whole "bigger and better" bit!) might ruffle a few feathers in the Bronx.

Check out the entire scouting report, which was completed by a Seattle Mariners scout, here:

What do you think about this scout's analysis and, specifically, his comparison of Rodriguez to Jeter?

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[via Busted Coverage]