Get excited, New York Yankees fans, because ALEX RODRIGUEZ IS COMING BACK! Just a little while ago, A-Rod appeared on Mike Francesa's WFAN sports talk radio show to discuss, well, a number of things. From the epic ice baths that he's enjoyed during his rehab stint to his undying love for all things baseball, A-Rod touched on a little bit of everything during the interview, while simultaneously deflecting any and all questions pertaining to PEDs or the possibility of him getting suspended by Major League Baseball sometime in the near future. But he still managed to reveal a few interesting tidbits. So if you weren't tuned in, here are the 5 things we learned from Rodriguez's interview with Francesa:

  1. A-Rod is coming back to the Yankees on Monday when they start a series against the Rangers in Texas. Yes, Monday. MONDAY! MONDAAAAAAAY! Francesa asked A-Rod at least a half dozen times if he was really coming back on Monday. And yes, he will be back on Monday. Unless Francesa wants to call him back and check one more time?
  2. Neither A-Rod nor A-Rod's reps have reached any kind of "deal" with Major League Baseball concerning his involvement with the Biogenesis clinic. So eff what ya heard! Er, unless A-Rod is lying about it. But c'mon, guys. This is A-Rod we're talking about. He wouldn't lie to you. Trust him!
  3. A-Rod is not going to be 100 percent when he comes back. In fact, it sounds like he's going to be, like, 78.43 percent—and that might be as high as the percentage gets this year. As he reminded Francesa, he's 38 now, not 28. And he's feeling 38 these days. Aches. Pains. Sharp stabbing feelings in parts of his body that he didn't even know existed. Basically, get excited, Yankees fans. But not too excited. You're not getting the A-Rod of old on Monday.
  4. A-Rod had doubts about returning to the Yankees lineup this season. That's not totally surprising, given the fact that, again, he's 38 and he's coming off major surgery. But when Francesa asked A-Rod if he ever doubted his ability to come back this season, A-Rod essentially said, "$^%& YEAH, BRO! Wouldn't you have doubts?!?" So again, temper your expectations, Yanks fans. A-Rod ain't coming back and hitting 35 home runs in the second half of the season.
  5. A-Rod wants to come back on Francesa's show in the fall to talk about University of Miami football. But something tells us that if Bud Selig has his way, A-Rod could be back on much, much sooner than that. We'll just have to wait and see. 

See you on Monday, A-Rod. Wait, it is Monday, right? Definitely? Like, for sure for sure? Okay. See you then.

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