We don't want to call 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks a bad teammate. But a recent incident involving three of his fellow San Francisco players certainly isn't helping his cause.

According to a police report, Brooks and Niners nose tackle Lamar Divens got into an argument over a set of car keys back on June 8 outside of Brooks' home in San Jose. And during the argument, Brooks allegedly resorted to violence to get his point across. He hit Divens in the head with a beer bottle three times and punched him in the face once. The entire incident was reportedly witnessed by two other 49ers players, and Divens had to be taken to the hospital later to receive three stitches as a result of the alleged assault.

Divens initially said that he wanted to press charges against Brooks. But a short time later, he changed his mind and said that he didn't want to press charges. But Brooks could still be in big trouble. The Santa Clara County District Attorney is currently trying to decide whether or not to charge Brooks with a crime for the assault. Regardless of what they decide, we don't imagine that Brooks and Divens will be having a beer together anytime soon. And we don't imagine that Niners coach Jim Harbaugh is going to have much mercy on Brooks when training camp starts later this month.

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[via The Big Lead]