Is Aaron Hernandez in a gang? This photo that TMZ dug up last week seems to indicate that he is. But according to Hernandez himself, he is not affiliated with any gangs. He talked to investigators in jail recently and told them that he is not a member of any street gangs.

"He talked to our gang investigators and said he didn't have any involvement," Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson said late yesterday. "We always take extra precautions. We don't have any definite issues at this point, but we're still being very cautious."

Hodgson also revealed that, so far, Hernandez has been on his best behavior behind bars.

"He's been very polite, very respectful," he said. "He doesn't seem nervous, which is unusual for someone who's never been incarcerated before. He now has three hours out of his cell each day. That's an hour outside, by himself, an hour to show and make phone calls, and another hour to see visitors."

Hernandez's gang connections will no doubt be a hot topic in his upcoming trial. Stay tuned to see what else the gang investigators are able to learn about his possible ties to a gang.

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[via Boston Herald]