Career years: 2005-Present

Luis Suarez stans have little to no moral compass. They defend the indefensible. Their reaction to Suarez yelling racial epithets at Patrice Evra: "Evra's a lying cunt." Their reaction to Suarez flipping off Fulham fans: "It's just a bit of banter." Their reaction to Suarez biting Branislav Ivanovic: "LOL." Never mind that the suspensions handed down from these idiotic actions have cost Suarez 13 matches (he's also suspended for the first six games of next season to complete his ten-match ban for biting Ivanovic) at a time when Liverpool can least afford it.

His actual game play is admirable and magnificent, which leads to Suarez stans dismissing his costly and controversial decisions rather lightly, instead of giving him the tough love needed to remedy his obvious problems. But his antics give the game a black eye.