Career years: 2010-Present

Jeremy Lin is an inspiration for Asian Americans, and there are plenty of them who'll wash over Jeremy Lin's deficiencies and call him an "elite" point guard. Nothing is wrong with a bit of shameless cultural bias, except when it gets in the way of serious debate. It's not just a racial matter though—there are still a few NBA fans who, with Linsanity still fresh on their minds, prop up Lin, irrespective of race. Let's keep it real for a minute: Right now, he's an average NBA guard (he was ranked 35th out of all point guards in PER last season), who's capable of turning in All-Star level performances a few nights a year. At 24-years-old, he certainly has the potential to become a very good point guard, but let's not act like he's in the same class as Chris Paul, or even Ty Lawson.