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We're all for showing allegiance towards your favorite team and trash talking your opponent, but it should never go as far as it did with Matt Fortese. Last Wednesday, Fortese attended a game at Camden Yards between the Nationals and Orioles, with a girl he was dating at the time named Taylor Queen, wearing a Yankees hat. As expected, he received plenty of ribbing from the O's faithful. However, one fan took things way too far. 

Fortese’s family and Queen told the Sun that one of the men threw a beer at the couple, resulting in an argument. Police said that [Gregory] Fleischman punched Fortese in the head, sending him over the railing to the ground about five feet below. Nathan Steelman, an off-duty state trooper came to Fortese’s aid. In a strange twist of fate, Steelman is a childhood friend of Fortese’s who hadn’t seen the man in years before running into each other earlier at the game. Steelman told the Sun that Fortese had gone as long as 45 seconds without breathing. Steelman, who received emergency medical training as a soldier deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, removed a wad of chewing tobacco from Fortese’s mouth that had blocked his airway.

That's just awful, awful news. It's sad that someone could something so horrible to another human being over what team they support. 

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