Pick/Year: No. 8/1987
School: Virginia
Team: Seattle SuperSonics (via Chicago)
Players passed over: Reggie Miller, Mark Jackson, Horace Grant
Stats (years in the league): 7.8 PPG 6.7 RPG 0.6 BPG (1987-2001, 2003)

The SuperSonics had a future star right in their hands...and then they traded him away for Olden Polynice. With the fifth pick in the draft, Seattle selected Scottie Pippen out of the University of Central Arkansas, before giving him to the Bulls in exchange for Polynice. Olden would make his name around the league as a dependable rebounder, but his success would never even approach the levels that Pippen would reach with Michael Jordan and the Bulls. Even without MJ, Pippen had a pretty nice career in his own right. Polynice, on the other hand, was a lifetime journeyman who played for 19 years in the European leagues, NBA, ABA, CBA, and USBL. Guess which one ended up in the Hall of Fame?