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Earlier this week, Cobb County, Ga. resident Candida Rychell Summerlin spent two nights in a local jail. And she must have really enjoyed her stay there, because she was just arrested yet again for allegedly hitting two cops with a rental car yesterday afternoon in the jail's parking lot.

According to police, Summerlin was at the Cobb County jail on Friday afternoon to visit a friend. While she was there, she was approached by deputies on two separate occasions in the jail's parking lot and asked to turn down the music inside of her rented Chevrolet. And after the second time, she reportedly got upset and put her car into drive and struck a police officer named Lt. Becky Westenberger with it. She also struck another police officer named Sgt. Shane Kite who came to Westenberger's aid. And a short time later, she lost control of her car and ran into a post and several street signs. She was then placed under arrest and taken into the jail.

It's unclear what charges Summerlin will face. But it's pretty clear that she will be spending a lot of time in the Cobb County jail in the near future. So we're glad she appears to enjoy spending time there.

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