It'll be tough waking up in the morning and not getting our daily fill of "LeBronCenter." It'll be tough at the lunch break not hearing Skip Bayless and Steven A. break down LeBron's legacy. It'll be really tough not seeing Dan Le Batard, Woody Paige and PTI dissecting LeBron's mid-range jumpers in the fourth quarter or how his ball movement off screens doesn't stack up to Jordan's. Where the hell will we go for our scales from 1-10 on LeBron's shots?

Thankfully, the NBA Playoffs are the longest thing on Earth and training camp will arrive about three weeks after the final eardrum was popped in American Airlines Arena. LeBron will give a quick interview about how he'll come back "even more focused," take a weekend breather in Maui and then suit up for the first practice of 2013-14. You may also hear a dumb joke or two about his hairline; something which ESPN (someday) will no doubt break down in comparison to MJ's.