To put it bluntly, some crazy shit went down in last night's Game 6. When Tony Parker hit that step back three-pointer to tie the game, many thought maybe it was meant to be for the Spurs. Then when San Antonio went up by five with less than 30 seconds to go, many thought it was over, including Miami fans and haters. The Heat weren't going to go out like that though. Ray Allen drained a crazy corner three to tie the game after Kawhi Leonard missed one of his free throws to send the game into overtime, where Miami would force a Game 7 at home—in front of its "loyal" fans.

While the final moments of the game were intense, the prior 46 minutes were filled with an oeuvre of both "WTF" and "WOW" highlights. Recount "The Headband Game’s" most memorable moments with Twitter Foams at the Mouth Over Game 6 of the NBA Finals

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