Titus Young's life has been on a downward spiral after getting cut from the Rams just days after being signed. Last month, he was arrested three times over the course of one week. More recently, he was charged with two more misdemeanors for trying to break into a Southern California tow yard.

Sadly, Young's father revealed his son's strange behavior was caused by the lack of help he was receiving for his brain disorder. The Idaho Statesman had another sad reveal in a profile it published yesterday: Young didn't even know he was cut from the Rams until he was arrested.

Young’s behavior was much more alarming a couple of months later. (E.C. Robinson, his high school coach) said his daughter had to grab Young to keep him from wandering into traffic in front of their house, and the coach said Young didn’t even know the St. Louis Rams had released him 11 days after the Lions did the same thing because of his erratic behavior.

We've seen too many times what can happen to football players if they don't receive the help they need. Hopefully, Young won't be the latest case.

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[via Black Sports Online]