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Imagine if Stephen Curry wasn't selected by the Golden State Warriors with the eighth pick in the 2009 NBA Draft. It would've been an entirely different experience and fan base from the one he knows today, if he fell to ninth and was picked up by the New York Knicks. But that's all hypothetical scenarios because Curry is happy to be where he is and not playing in New York.

“The great thing about this whole area is that it has everything,” he says. “I can live in the city or in the suburbs or near a college, it’s all in the same place. Tough to find an environment like that.”

But mostly: It’s the fans. “No offense to New York, but I’m so, so happy I didn’t fall to them in the draft,” he says after I tell him I’m a Knicks fan. “No matter what they do with the new arena, they better not change the dynamics of the fanbase. If we have the same fans, in this new place … man, I’d want to play here forever. Wouldn’t you?”

How does that make y'all feel, Knicks fans? Want to hit him with that "we don't need you anyway" line, even though that would be a lie?

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[via Black Sports Online]