Among the many criticisms of the Citi Bikes is that the program is elitist. According to the Wall Street Journal, the average income in neighborhoods with bike stations is $73,000, well above the city's average of $48,300. Despite this, it looks like Citi Bikes are also helping out those on the opposite end of the wealth spectrum, if only unintentionally. 

An East Village resident discovered a group of homeless people, led by "The Fat Jew," using stationary Citi Bikes for a stationary class. Beyond being charitable, it's also hilarious. The 75-second video is packed with quotables. Among them: 

"You guys want bitching defintion?"

"I want the homeless people of New York to have the opportunity to have sick bodies."

It's entirely possible, and even likely, that this is just a joke. But beneath every joke is a shred of truth, which here is that this is a pretty damn good idea. Instead of dumping money into an indoor class, you can just hop on a stationed City Bike. Thanks, Fat Jew. 

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[via The Crosby Press