Apparently, Blake Griffin isn't the only NBA player who is "too nice" on the basketball court. Earlier this week, Chauncey Billups referred to BG as "too nice" during an interview on ESPN's First Take. And now, Shaquille O'Neal has used the same exact phrase to describe Dwight Howard. During an interview on ESPNLA 710 yesterday, The Big Aristotle gave Howard the title of "too nice" and also let off a few more shots in his direction.

"He's too nice," he said. "I'm a connoisseur of giggling and playing and all that and making you laugh and playing with the fans, but when I cross that line, I'm ready to tear your face off. I don't care who it is. You could put one of my aunts or uncles out there, and I'm going to give him these elbows in their chest and I'm going to throw it down in their face. That's what you have to do…He's just too nice. If I was him, I would get into the same mood I was in."

Shaq also said that if Howard stays in L.A. next season, he needs to take a better approach to playing with the Lakers than he did last season.

"He should have known all of this when he signed with L.A.," Shaq said, referring to the criticism Howard received last season. "He should have known what he was getting into. My advice to him is to look pressure in the face and give it the one-two combination and knock it out."

Good advice, Shaq. But that's obviously easier said than done. Now who is going to be the next NBA player to be labeled "too nice"? We see a trend starting here…

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[via ESPN Los Angeles]