Truth be told, Shane Battier is the reason the Miami Heat won their second consecutive NBA championship last night. If he didn't come out of nowhere to knock down six three-pointers in Game 7, we would be singing the praises of Tim Duncan & Co. right now. So Battier probably went wild last night, right? He was probably swinging from a chandelier inside of some swanky Miami nightclub while spraying the entire place with champagne. He was probably living the YOLO lifestyle. Er, yeah. Not quite…

You see, instead of hanging with his teammates (and Danny Green!) at the Story nightclub, Battier took a more low key approach to celebrating. And by "low key," we mean that he basically didn't celebrate at all. Instead, he enjoyed a nice hearty Grand Slam breakfast at Denny's. That's right, Denny's!

Even crazier is that Battier didn't just stop at Denny's for five minutes and tweet about it in order to catch a check. Dude was really there "celebrating" a title. As ESPN's Darren Rovell found out earlier today, he apparently went there because, well, he was hungry and wanted some Denny's:

Weird. Way to live it up, Shane! We hope that, at the very least, your meal was free. You earned it.

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[via Eye On Basketball]