For Charlie Bright, it all started with a simple message on Facebook, asking Russell Westbrook if he could help Bright propose to his girlfriend. If you're asking yourself, "why Westbrook?" here's the deal. Charlie first met Rachel Haycraft at a University of Oklahoma football game. The two hit it off and their first date was at a Oklahoma City Thunder game.

As their love for one another, so did their love for the Thunder. Currently, they are both season ticket holders. When Charlie decided that he wanted to propose to Rachel, he obviously wanted to make it special by somehow combining the moment they first met and where they went on their first date. So, Charlie sent Rachel's favorite OKC player, Russ, a message on Facebook earlier in the week with "marriage proposal" in bold print "because I’m sure he gets a lot of messages I wanted it to jump out." While he admits it was a long shot, he tried anyway and to his surprise, Westbrook responded a few days later with "I'm down, what's the plan?"  

After going back and forth with details, a plan was in place. When Rachel was at the clocktower near OU’s stadium, Charlie asked her to check Twitter. She saw the following message:

.@rachelhaycraft, @chuuuuck1 loves u, he wants to know if u would spend the rest of ur life watching thunder games w/ him. #marryhim #Whynot

— Russell Westbrook (@russwest44) June 21, 2013

While tears started coming down Rachel's face, Charlie got down on one knee and proposed. And in case you're wondering...

She said yes! RT @russwest44 @Chuuuuck1 I said yes!

— Russell Westbrook (@russwest44) June 21, 2013

Congrats, Charlie and Rachel. And shout out to Russ for being so awesome. 

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[via Daily Thunder]