Were the San Antonio Spurs ratings killers for the final game of the NBA Finals? Nah. It turns out the epic Spurs/Heat duel brought in one of the highest amount of viewers for a Finals game in history.

Last night's Game 7 brought in 26.3 million viewers; 34.2 million tuned in for the game's hectic final minutes. Overall, 15.2 percent of households were watching the game.

This was the second largest amount of viewers since the famous 1998 Game 6 featuring Michael Jordan's Bulls vs. the Jazz (think "The Shot"), which earned a whopping 35.9 million. The Lakers/Celtics Game 7's 28.2 million in 2010 has been the most since then.

Many would probably consider last night's Game 7 to be better than 2010's finale, though. Except maybe if you're a Lakers fan, of course.

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[via Deadspin]