With Doc Rivers, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce on their way out, it's understandable to believe the Celtics organization would be focused on building around Rajon Rondo. It's a bit of a harsh reality for Boston fans, but it is manageable

Well, here's another curveball: There's a chance Rondo might not even be in a Celtics uniform next season.

DallasBasketball.com is reporting that the Mavericks and Boston met to discuss a potential trade for Rondo. The good news for Boston fans is that there's a good chance it might not happen because of a combination of three things:

  • Dallas would still need enough cap space to attract Dwight Howard.
  • Celtics may push for Dirk Nowitzki, and the Mavs may not be as willing to give up its stars as Boston is.
  • This is Boston's last All-Star, so the asking price is going to be understandably pretty high.

The bad news? There's still that chance, however small, of it happening. If Rondo does end up leaving, Boston better hope Jeff Green is ready to step it up.

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]

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