Let’s face it: Cotton is comfortable. It’s soft. It breathes. And, as far as underwear goes, cotton is where it’s at for real comfort. But you can’t expect performance from cotton underwear. Or can you?
For years, sports performance apparel was made from synthetic fabrics, forcing those who wore it to forgo cotton comfort in order to get the high-performance qualities they needed. So the product engineers at Jockey decided to do something about it. After all, the performance of your outerwear is only as good as the performance of your underwear, and Jockey has come up with a solution that allows the peaceful, productive co-existence of performance and comfort.

The Jockey® Sport Cotton Performance line of underwear and shirts combines the comfort of cotton with the performance qualities the active man needs. It surpasses the competition in both moisture wicking and odor control, which will leave you and those around you equally grateful. Breathable mesh panels help keep you cool in the areas you sweat most, and an extra supportive H-fly pouch not only helps protect your manhood, but also offers easy access when you need it.

No other underwear tested fights odor better or dries faster to help keep you cooler. So go ahead and get comfy while you’re pushing performance to the limit. Thanks to Jockey, the two are no longer mutually exclusive.