Patrick Ewing has been interested in becoming the head coach of an NBA team for years now. Years! So we imagine that it must have been a little bit difficult for him to hear about Jason Kidd getting a head coaching job with the Brooklyn Nets last night less than two weeks after he officially retired from the NBA. Ewing didn't say anything about it—and we don't really expect him to—but he had to be disappointed about J-Kidd getting a head coaching look before him, especially since the former Knicks great has so much more coaching experience.

Ewing's son didn't bite his tongue about the situation, though. Although he later wished Kidd nothing but the best, he initially expressed frustration over Kidd getting a head coaching gig so quickly on his Twitter account:

Ewing Jr. does have a point here. We're interested in seeing what Kidd can do with the Nets. But he literally just retired. So how is he already a head coach? Other former players, like Ewing, and other assistant coaches have been working their way up the coaching ladder for years now. So they should be first in line to receive head coaching jobs, not guys who are still recovering from their final season in the league.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]