Pat Riley is an O.G. macking artist, especially when he's already gone off that champagne. On Thursday, the Miami Heat were crowned the 2013 NBA champions for a second-straight season and the team's president made sure to get his celebration on as well. In the midst of it all, Rachel Nichols of CNN talked with Riley about the victory and that's where things got really awkward.

Let's break this down. First, Riley calls Miami's Game 6 victory a miracle and says, "when you have a dream in your head, you better have one in your heart." While we're sure Pat is still talking about the Heat's playoff run, you can't help but wonder if that so-called "dream in your head" he's referencing at that very moment is pouring some champagne on Nichols' head.

Then, out of nowhere, he says, "I was little desperate but not anymore" (wait, WTF?) and proceeds to tell Rachel that he's gonna pour some champagne on her "in about a minute, so you better watch it." "You better watch it"? Like, she's playing hard to get or something?

While pouring the bubbly on Nichols' head, Riley says, "Oh, champagne!" twice, which is pretty weird, and when it's all done, Riley clears away any, um, liquid that may have gotten in her eye. Should we be saying "aww" or "eww"? Either way, well played, Pat. Well played.            

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[via Black Sports Online]