You want to know the difference between the Boston Celtics and the Sacramento Kings? To start, try 16 titles, 20 Finals appearances, and 28 Hall of Famers. The Finals have been and always will be the ultimate measure for a team's success in the NBA. The Magic, the Pacers, the Jazz...these teams and others have all managed to remain respectable in the league, but what do a few winning seasons mean when their rafters are still empty after all these years?

For comparison's sake, we've assembled an infographic of all the teams that have managed to snag at least one title in the history of their franchise. One thing you may notice: big market teams hold a HUGE advantage over small market squads when it comes to securing rings, with the Bulls, Lakers, and Celtics alone accounting for 60 percent of all NBA championships. What other trends do you notice? Take a look and see where your team ranks among the NBA's best.

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Designed by Patrick Judabong