Miami fans are known to bang on pots and pans, tweet stuff like "I KNEW KING JAMES HAD THIS ALL ALONG" as if the Spurs didn't have them shook, and do large amounts of partying after winning a championship. Yeah it's annoying to some, but it's safe for the most part. Shooting stray bullets in the air isn't though, and one 14-year-old had to take a trip to the hospital because of it.

Brandon Reid took a stray bullet to the neck while he was sitting in his second-floor Miramar apartment; the bullet had pierced through the balcony's sliding glass door. Neighbors thought they were hearing fireworks, but one witness said they knew something was up when "there was an ambulance and the cops and screaming."

Doctors were able to completely remove the bullet, and Reid is expected to make a full recovery. It's OK to celebrate, but at the same time fans should at least party with common sense.

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[via NBC Miami]