When the news hit that LeBron, D-Wade, and Bosh would join forces in Miami one of the biggest questions going into the season was what young Erik Spoelstra would be able to do with his newly acquired talent. There have been comments about him not being able to command respect from his players after both the 'Bron bump and the D-Wade shouting match. What a lot of people fail to realize though, is that being the Heat coach is not as easy as it looks. Spoelstra had two superstars who essentially had the same game, a big man with a diminished role and a hodge podge group of vets and young guys to round out the team.

He took that group and went small by moving Bosh to the 5 and surround his trio of stars with three-point shooters. We'd even argue that he out-coached Scott Brooks in the Finals last year when he made adjustments on defense for Harden and Serge Ibaka that proved to be pivotal in their win. He also bagged himself a hot former Heat dancer and hasn't stopped smiling since.