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Well, would you look at what happens when LeBron James gets some additional help on the offensive side of the ball. Tonight, Dwyane Wade came through in a big way, scoring 21 points on 7/16 shooting and of course, James put up his usual numbers (32 points, 8 rebounds). But, one of the main reasons why the Heat are the team celebrating their trip to the 2013 NBA Finals is because of their work on defense.

With 21 turnovers, the Indiana Pacers looked out of sync from midway through the second quarter on and they were never able to string together an effective run once Miami extended the lead to double digits. Paul George made himself into a household name in this series, but tonight, he was nowhere to be seen, going 2/9 from the field with only 7 points.

The Pacers have all the pieces to make another run next season. Tonight was Miami's night, but the future still looks bright for Indiana.  

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