We're sure the Mets and Marlins don't exactly say marquee matchup at all. New York is second to last in its division, while Miami is...well, last overall. Not exactly the makings of an exciting time at Citi Field.

Now can you imagine watching these two teams go at it for more than six hours? That would be nightmarish for quite a few, except for maybe Mets fans. Actually scratch that, because the Mets actually ended up losing 2-1 to Miami after 20 innings. New York had 13 hits in the game.

Mind you, this is the same team that swept the Yankees in four games last month.

You just never know what type of dubious milestone the Mets are going to achieve. In 2009, New York fell victim to just the 15th unassisted triple play in league history. The Mets were also involved in the last 20-inning MLB game in 2010 against the Cardinals, which they won.

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