This year's MLB All-Star Game will be played at Citi Field. So the New York Mets are desperate to get their third baseman David Wright into the starting lineup for the game. How desperate? Well, desperate enough to call on the help of a bunch of cougars to try and help them get the job done.

According to the New York Post, the Mets' marketing department reached out to (great name for a website, guys!) recently after they named Wright their "hottest cub." Because many of the site's members were already fans of Wright, the Mets asked Cougar Life to try and recruit site members to vote Wright into the ASG. And the site was all for it. But at the last minute, Mets' upper management got word of the plan and shut it down.

"We don't feel a partnership working together would be the image that our team and David—especially since he recently got engaged—would like to portray," the Mets said in an email to Cougar Life.

But so much for that! Now that news about the Mets reaching out to Cougar Life has leaked out, the two organizations are connected anyway. And since the team balked at the opportunity to team up with Cougar Life, Wright will probably not get any additional votes from all of the cougars out there affiliated with the site. Way to go, Mets. How do you guys manage to botch everything?

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[via New York Post]