Matt Harvey's Mets teammates respect him. And do you know why they respect him? Because if they don't, he will literally beat the $^%& out of them! No, really…

According to a story that was published on Yahoo! Sports last night—just a few hours after the Mets ace nearly recorded the first no-hitter of his MLB career—Harvey tried to fight his former teammate Jon Rauch last season. Despite the fact that Harvey is nearly 75 pounds lighter than Rauch and more than half a foot shorter than him, he reportedly got pissed when Rauch poured a bucket of ice water on him while he was taking a nap one day and tried to fight Rauch. He got so upset that he was ready to swing on Rauch right there on the spot.

Fortunately, Rauch backed down and walked away from the fight. But Harvey set a precedent right then and there. And while we don't know this for a fact, we're pretty sure that no one has come within 50 feet of him when he's napping ever since.

MLB rookies, take note: That is how you get some mother-%&^*#@$ respect in the big leagues!

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[via Mets Blog]