Don't worry, guys: Manti Te'o is still alive! We haven't heard from him in more than a month, but that's because the Chargers have purposely kept the former Notre Dame linebacker under wraps. They don't want him doing too many media interviews. But he did do one earlier today—though he let it be known that he's only concerned with talking about football, and not fake girlfriends, right now.

"When we're out on the football field, everything else doesn't matter," he said. "Thankfully for me, I'm surrounded by a bunch of teammates who have really pushed me to be better. All they care about is that No. 50 is working his butt off. I'll take care of the work ethic part and for them, they just make sure that I'm going in the right direction. Personally, that hasn't been difficult at all."

Not yet anyway. While it sounds like Te'o's teammates have his back and aren't giving him too much grief about Lennay Kekua, we're sure he's going to hear his fair share of trash talk from opposing players and fans next season. But for now, he's good. And the less we hear about him, the better he's probably doing.

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[via Sports Illustrated]

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