Given his close ties to the Lakers organization and his history with the team, you would think that Magic Johnson would want Dwight Howard to sign with Los Angeles when he becomes an unrestricted free agent next month. But you would be wrong. Johnson actually thinks that Howard would be best off signing with—drumroll, please—the Rockets!

"He probably would enjoy playing for Kevin McHale," Magic said yesterday, "because Coach McHale was a Hall of Fame player and, I feel, with Tim Duncan, the best power forward that has ever played the game…With Dwight Howard, [Houston] would take the next step as being one of the elite teams—I would say one of the best four or five teams in the league—and definitely would give themselves a chance to win a championship."

Johnson also talked about how Howard needs to improve in the offseason this summer.

"I'm not happy with this Dwight Howard," he said, "but if he gets into the gym and really works on his game and gets some go-to moves, I think that it will be a wise decision to sign him. But he has a lot of work to do this summer on his offensive skills. He's always been dominant and a great rebounder as well as a shot blocker. But he needs to definitely work on his offense."

Ya think? The only question is where he'll be doing it—back in Los Angeles or in a new city like Houston. Guess we'll see in a few weeks.

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[via Houston Chronicle]