Last night, Kendrick Perkins went on Twitter and did something unprecedented for an athlete. He tried selling his dog to his 55,000+ followers. For the negotiable price of $1,500, you could've taken Perkins' English bulldog off his hands. Hit the thumbs to see the pictures of the dog that he shared on the micro blogging site.

If you're already getting your "aww" on after seeing those pics, we hate to burst your bubble but Perkins already found the "good family" he was looking for.

While we're not sure that Twitter is the way to go when it comes to selling a dog, we do think that it is the best way to negotiate an asking price with a guy like Perkins.  


"So, uh, I don't have anywhere near $1,500. How about $500?"


"Um, how about $750? Final offer?"


"OK, OK. We'll take out a loan and pay $3,000." 


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[via Deadspin]