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Former Bills quarterback Jim Kelly won a lot of games during his storied NFL career. But the Hall of Fame QB is in for the toughest fight of his life right now. Earlier today, he revealed that he is currently battling cancer of the upper jaw bone. He is slated to have surgery later this week, and doctors expect him to make a full recovery from the cancer. But it's still a scary time for one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history.

"The past couple of weeks has been difficult for me," he said in a statement released early this morning on, "and because of the nature of social media I thought it would be best to share with everyone what has been going on with my health. I was recently diagnosed with Squamous-cell carcinoma (cancer) of the upper jaw bone. I have undergone tests which have shown that the cancer is isolated to my upper jaw and has not spread to other parts of my body. Surgery is scheduled for June 7th and doctors have told me that the prognosis for my recovery is very good."

That's great to hear. We wish Kelly nothing but the best and hope that he makes a speedy recovery following surgery.

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