He may look like a lunatic with all of those tattoos. But Chris "Birdman" Andersen gets a lot of love around the NBA.

Case in point: Former Jazz head coach Jerry Sloan was reportedly a big fan of Birdman. According to a story that was published in the Deseret News earlier this week, Sloan scolded his Jazz players once during a game back in 2010 for making fun of Andersen's tattoos while he was still a member of the Nuggets. The players were apparently poking fun at Andersen for all the tats that he had all over his body. And Sloan responded to it by screaming on his players in the middle of the game, which the Jazz eventually lost by 14 points.

"I wish one of you guys played as hard as him!" he shouted at his bench.

With Birdman playing a key role in the Heat's title run this season, we bet none of those guys are laughing now. The Birdman is officially a beast on the block and deserves respect, regardless of how many ridiculous tattoos he has on his body.

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[via Deseret News]