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Even though he died more than 40 years ago, Jackie Robinson continues to have a positive impact on the world.

Earlier today, a baseball glove that he is believed to have worn during the 1955 World Series was auctioned off by Steiner Sports for $373,000. It didn't break the record that was set back in 1999 when a glove that was once worn by Lou Gehrig sold for more than $387,000 at an auction. But Robinson's glove will still do a lot of good for people who live in New York and New Jersey. The proceeds from the glove's sale are set to be donated directly to those who were hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy last year.

So even though he's not around to do it himself anymore, Robinson continues to make a difference. Kudos to Steiner for selling off the glove to the highest bidder for a good cause.

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