Someone who works in the Atlanta Hawks ticket office just made a big mistake—and it could end up costing the Hawks dearly.

This summer, the Hawks are planning on pursuing both Chris Paul and Dwight Howard in free agency. So in order to drum up interest in the team, a letter was sent to prospective Hawks season-ticket buyers recently that mentioned CP3 and Howard by name. The only problem? That constitutes as "tampering" and could result in the Hawks being fined heavily by the NBA.

"The buzz around our offseason is more than heating up," the letter said. "With massive cap space, 4 draft picks, and free agency rapidly approaching, we sit in the best position in the NBA. Player interest is skyrocketing as the possibilities of landing Chris Paul & Dwight Howard become more and more of a reality….This is your opportunity to get on board before its too late. Once we solidify our signings there will be no seats left."

It was a good approach from a sales perspective. But because it's against league rules, the Hawks issued an apology tonight. The league was also made aware of the situation but has refused to comment yet. The Hawks should probably look out for their fine any day now. 

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[via Atlanta Journal-Constitution]