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Here in America, we've seen our fair share of animals doing some serious damage to cars. From bears to cows, we actually thought we had seen it all. But as it turns out, we were wrong.

Recently, three goats were detained over in India for—get this—vandalizing a police car. Police believe that as many as 12 goats were involved in the incident that involved a two-day-old police car. But police only held three of the culprits as "scapegoats" (we see what they did there!) and charged the owner of all 12 of the goats with negligent conduct of her animals. Police say that goats in the southern city of Chennai have a bit of a history when it comes to damaging police property. But they said that they acted swiftly in this particular case because of how new the car was.

So what's going to happen to those poor goats? Community service? Probation? Jail time? Nah. Instead, they've all been turned over to the Society for the Protection of Animals and will go to live somewhere else far, far from the police station. What a weird story.

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[via Aljazeera]