Target fixation is a major problem when you first start riding. The single most important thing you can learn about piloting that bike is this: you'll go wherever you're looking. So if you're looking at the ground up ahead, that's where you're going to go. Look far into the distance and observe what's going on around you, and you'll keep going that way.

This is an especially important thing to think about when you're approaching corners. Look through the corner, not down at the ground somewhere in the middle. Is there a median separating the two directions of traffic? Are there potholes? Any other road hazards to avoid, such as pieces of someone's junker that have fallen off in the road? Small animals, children, or other pedestrians? A huge part of riding is just looking ahead and anticipating what you'll do in any given situation. Play "what if?" games with yourself often and you'll keep the shiny side up to ride another day.

In addition, you can use turning your head as another signal to drivers around you that you're going to be moving or turning. Anything that will make other people see or pay attention to you is a good thing, even it's just as subtle as turning your helmet to the left.