Summer literally just started. And yet, we've already heard one too many tales about kids and pets being left unattended in hot cars and suffering devastating consequences. But this is the first story we've heard involving an exotic bird and a hot car.

Recently, a woman from Surprise, Ariz. was planning to take her 19-year-old cockatoo Rusty to get his nails trimmed at the vet. But before she was able to do it, she accidentally locked her keys—and Rusty—in her car outside of her house after strapping Rusty's cage into the passenger's seat. She tried to call AAA to come and unlock the car for her, but they told her that they might not be able to send someone out in time to save her bird from overheating inside of the stuffy car. So she called 911, and they responded by sending out a team of firefighters to get the job done. And they got it done by getting the car door open, rescuing the bird—who was face down with his wings spread out after spending about 45 minutes in the car—and giving it oxygen, ice, and plenty of air in order to revive it.

"He was almost dead when they pulled him out," the bird's owner said after the incident. "I was so scared. Thank God they were there."

Very true. But let this be a lesson to all of us: Kids, dogs, and yes, even exotic birds should not be left inside of hot cars in the summertime. This situation was obviously an accident. But as the temperatures continue to rise, you need to be extra careful about not leaving anything or anyone in your hot car during the summer months.

[via Arizona Republic]